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Here are some Organic Pet Food Buying Tips, Hints and Tricks...

1. Look for FREE Shipping! But Make sure you compare all options before buying. Price, tax, shipping cost. Sometimes... a Lower Price, with shipping cost, can have an overall lower cost.

2. Save up to 10%! NO Sales Tax is a Huge benefit of Buying Online. Currently our top 2 organic pet food retailers only charge sales tax in their home states, PA and CO. People in Most states do not get charged sales tax with our top retailers. Always double check at check out to see if you have been charged sales tax. Finding a retailer in another state can save you money on the sales tax on your next organic pet food order.

3. Compare Each Retailers Final Price. First, open multiple browsers... Then Open in each browser. Add all the same pet products you need for comparison from each retailer. Follow thru to the "Final Price" WITHOUT Adding your credit card. Note* You DO NOT need to enter credit card to see final price.

4. Always click thru to the retailers website and Check the Price. Sometimes the price we post may not reflect the sale price. Check the price at the retailer. before deciding which retailer is cheapest.

5. Sign Up for Auto-Ship. Many Online Pet Food Retailers will give you a discount for setting up auto ship. This can add up to HUGE Savings!

6. Search this Site!! The search box on this site is powerful, useful and will save you headaches


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